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  1. gurus

    Hire Me Web Designer & Freelance Writer

    :) Welcome & Thank You! FULL NAME My Name is Iwalokun Lawrence MY QUOTE \I'm not perfect, but I'm the very best\ BRIEF DESCRIPTION I am the Chief Editor at GurusBlogger, Chief Admin at GurusMoneyForum and a Freelance Agent. I have been into web designing for 8yrs+ gathering Ideas on the...
  2. gurus

    Rules GMF Freelance Rules

    :) Hi GMFers! You're welcome to a new section where you can showcase yourself on our forum and let everyone know your expertise. There is someone out there interested in your skills. Let's help you find them. Let's help you find a job and get paid. So before getting your profile featured in...
  3. gurus

    Tips What Does a Transcriber do and What is Audio Transcription?

    The Transcriber’s Role “A transcriber is someone who writes down what someone else is saying.” Initially, a transcriber was a person that wrote things down in shorthand, but this art is dying out. Technology and the fact it isn’t taught anymore means, unfortunately, this art of note-taking is...
  4. gurus

    Earn Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners: Get Paid To Type (No Experience)

    Home-based transcription is an online job that allows people to make real money without special training or experience required. Just like any real job, it takes time and practice to become efficient. However, the pay and flexibility of the job can be very rewarding in the end. Transcription...
  5. gurus

    New Earn Free $5 PayPal within 3days Now (Legit)

    :eek: I just completed this bulbshare $5 survey within 2mins. Hi Guys! Please keep this information on this forum only. Note: Do not share it with others. This information is only available to our members. How to Earn $5 Check some of my recent payment proof below.
  6. gurus

    Closed Share & Get Paid (Airtime or Data) Instantly on GMF

    First payment successful (y)...
  7. gurus

    Tools BigToken v2.2 Termux Script - Earn $$$

    Click to register then wait for the script setup. We're composing it. :)
  8. gurus

    Closed Share & Get Paid (Airtime or Data) Instantly on GMF

    :) Good News! It's time to earn free airtime or Data on GurusMoneyForum. As a token of appreciation, we're rewarding free Airtime & Data worth N2000 :eek: to the first 50 members of GurusMoneyForum to share a link on Facebook. As the promo is on, we will keep updating this thread with our...
  9. gurus

    Closed A Good Logo Designer is Needed

    :cool: Hey Guys! We are in need of a good logo designer with graphics experience. HOW TO APPLY Note: Experienced Designer Only * Eligible Applicant will be contacted. - Send some of your works to the mail above - Tell us your name - Contact no - Website (Optional) - Recent Portfolio (If...
  10. gurus

    New Get Paid $2 Per Referral & Earn Up to $1 Per Survey

    :cool: Good News Guys! Here is another survey platform that is an alternative to PollPay & Other survey websites which pays you up to $3 per survey and $2 per referral. Isn't this cool? You don't have to doubt it, it is legit. Remember our Motto: Legitimately Introducing PureProfile ( A New...
  11. gurus

    Update GurusMoneyForum Posting Rules

    We have created this online forum for the purpose of helping each other to make real money working from home. Here at GMF, we talk about legitimate programs that pay people to work and expose sites that scam people and don’t pay. Our Rules 1. Spamming: This is not tolerated on the forum and...
  12. gurus

    Sponsored Legit PayPal Funds Buyer (Instant Payment)

    :) Do you have PayPal Funds For Sale? We Buy Funds starting from $50 & above at a good rate with instant payment %100. Bring your PayPal Funds to us and let's pay you instantly via bank transfer. Kindly contact us via +2348130914013 Thanks for Patronising.
  13. gurus

    Survey SOTG (Survey On The Go) - $10 Instant Withdrawal Reaching Threshold

    SOTG (Survey On The Go) - is a US-based mobile marketing company that offers surveys and other tasks for you to complete for cash – directly from your phone. Their goal was to make surveys more fun and accessible to mobile users and to help their participants make extra money on the side from...
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